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For years, my readers have always remarked how much they love my food-centric narratives. They bring me a lot of joy to write, so I decided to channel all that love into launching a food-focused space where words and pictures sizzle together, under the umbrella of succulent stories and comics, all of which will feature The Chicago-Style Hot Dog. If you’re curious to learn more about my creative practice, check out my art blog - it’s where I upload my animations, since Substack doesn’t support gifs, and make announcements about new projects I’m working on. I try to update it every month-ish.

¿What’s free?

For the first few months, everything I post will be free and publicly accessible, to give you a little taste of what FOOD over FUNCTION is all about. Starting this summer, my Chicago-style hot dog comics will remain free to the public but everything else (demos of music I’m working on, delicious essays, behind the scenes photos of art projects, sneak peeks at new zines, etc.) will only be accessible by paid subscribers.

Self-publishing as always been the cornerstone of my artistic expression. By sharing my essays and artwork behind a paywall, I’m able to build an equitable, self-sustaining platform that conventional publishing models don’t typically afford young BIPOC women authors.


Keep it chill in the comments. Harassment of any shape or size is not tolerated. I don’t clap back - I block.

¿Who is drawing all these hot dogs?

I'm a queer Chicana writer, artist and director in Chicago, IL. Founder of the international holiday Thankyoutine's Day, I encourage you to celebrate often and help spread the word by sending a Thankyoutine today!

I've spent over half my life on stage, from tap dancing to shadow puppetry, poetry readings to performance art - theatricalities have always been my biggest passion. For the last decade, my main artistic focus has been puppeteering and fabricating - mostly tabletop plays, shadows and crankies, all built with upcycled materials. Ran some grassroots orgs for BIPOC artists, made some zines to help save the bees and filmed some stop-motion animation shorts. After a successful seven years at TinyLetter, I decided to challenge myself by trying out Substack!

You can learn more about the different kinds of art I make or contact me at www.allysongonzalez.com and follow me on instagram @gonzalezpublicartmuseum. Are you into sexy doom pop music? If so, check out my solo act - House of Egregious.

Thanks for stopping by! Stay safe out there <3